We use computerised non-linear editing, a full broadcast edit facility with a complete range of effects.

Clients are invited to sit in on the final editing session. Only when the production is to the complete satisfaction of the the client is it transferred to HD media which is WebReady, American format, VCD or DVD.

If you want to update your film in the future, changes can be made easily. You don't have to go to the expense of shooting a complete new film.

If part of your product line is changed or maybe a member of your managment team who appeared on camera has been promoted with a new title, don't throw away the old footage just yet!

We can shoot some new scenes and insert the required changes, and because we work in a digital enviroment there is no quality loss. The new shots blend in perfectly with the old.

If you have recently requested a quotation for the production of a 3-minute corporate profile on your company, you were probably shocked at the budgets required to make your vision come true.

Your film is captured, edited and duplicated in-house. Production costs can be kept to a minumum.


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